Let Me Make Something Clear…

It is no secret that I speak out openly about religion and my disagreements with it. This can be seen in my previous blog post where I addressed creationist questions targeted at Bill Nye. However, I was recently made aware that when I engage in the topic of religion, I tend to come off as hostile. Many people, including a couple of my friends, have said to me things like: “You really hate religion, don’t you?” or “You’re not gonna stop until you destroy all religion”. Well… Let me make something clear. I am not out to destroy all religion. I have no problem with people being religious. There is a uncountable number of reasons why people remain (or become) religious. Some of those reasons are good, some are bad, nonetheless they are the reasons that these people deemed good enough to be affiliated with a religion of their choice, and I respect that. I respect all people. Well, maybe except criminals, terrorists, and a couple of politicians.

However, there comes a point where I begin to have a problem with some religious people. You cannot talk about religion and science as if they’re on the same playing field. They are not equal in any way, shape or form. You cannot claim something to be true if you can’t prove that it is true through the scientific method. An eyewitness account is not proof, an ancient book is not proof, a ghost-hunting reality tv show is definitely¬†not proof. The reason these things are considered poor pieces of evidence is human nature. Our brains like the strange, the unknown, the stories and the fables, and so it’s hard to conclude stuff like eyewitness accounts as a valid piece of evidence. Especially when you look at how easily the brain can be tricked to perceive something that doesn’t agree with reality. Our senses are extremely susceptible to external and internal factors such as foreign chemicals and memories.

And so my point is, please, do not confuse science with religion. You can have your own beliefs, I have no problem whatsoever with it. But do not impose your personal beliefs on others and don’t claim them to be true. This can only cause problems and confusion. In extreme cases, it can even cause physical and/or mental harm to other people.


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